Assembly Instructions


Unpacking the transport box

First of all take the small parts-package and the four bent tubes out of the transport box.
Start with removing the cross bars...
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Float Bed

Assembly of the inner frame

Now you can start arranging the single parts around the midrail.
Flaot is being assembled upside-down. This means that while assembling the bottom side...
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Float Bed

Insertion of the corner fittings

At first place the two box lids on top of each other, the labelled sides facing the top.
You then place the pre-assembled inner frame on top of this stack of this stack. Now allocate the units of the outer frame...
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Assembling the outer frame

Before you can start the connection of the outer frame, you will need to prepare the wooden bars and the joining elements.
Now stick the slitted aluminium sleeve onto the wooden tenon. Now screw the spring package onto the wooden tenon...
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Float Bed

Turn-over of float – the last grip

Now turn-over your new bed. Here the help of a second person is strongly recommended.
Now assemble the lid of the box between the side and cross rails. Place the slats onto the plastic pins along the side rails...
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Questions? More details?

If you have any further questions or want to have a quote for your float bed please send an email. You can download the full assembly instructions for printing at home.