Terms for the float bed


Outer frame: ground stainless steel bars, Ø 48mm (top), Ø 60mm (bottom) conical rods out of solid wood (timber of choice see below)
inner frame: brackets in stainless steel, platform CNC-cut birch Multiplex (a premium plywood) 12mm/18mm/30mm wires: 5mm stainless steel, 7x19 filaments, soft

float is available in three overall sizes / mattress sizes

Static bearing capacity – over 1000 kgs ( - 2200 lbs)


All float beds are handmade by Max Longin. Power supply for energy-consuming production processes (welding, grinding etc) is at most part supplied by an in-house wind turbine.

Delivery time

for the float bed is from 6 to 12 weeks, due to the limited production capacities the delivery time is subject to confirmation. The estimated time of delivery of your float bed will be mentioned in your quote.


Freight prices will be included in your quote. Please mention in your inquiry the country and postal code you want your float bed to be delivered to.


If you are interested in ordering - please send an e-mail. You will receive a formal quote with an estimated time of delivery as soon as possible.

To provide you with a quote the following information is required: Float Bed


Mattresses are not included in the prices below. Flat mattresses are recommended to underline the impression of a floating platform. If you want a mattress delivered with your float bed please mention it in your inquiry. Then a one-piece premium Talalay mattress will be offered together with your bed.


in the list below are at-door prices including all fees and taxes*. Due to changing exchange rates and transportation costs they are subject to confirmation. The mentioned prices refer to payment by PayPal. If you pay by money transfer you are discounted by 5%.

Eurozone Switzerland UK USA
float 16 7.400 EUR 8'600 CHF 7,700 GBP 9,500 USD
float 18 8.100 EUR 9'400 CHF 8,400 GBP 10,200 USD
float 20 8.800 EUR 10'000 CHF 9,200 GBP 11,100 USD

*Prices for other countries on demand

float 16 Eurozone: 7.400 EUR
Switzerland: 8'600 CHF
UK: 7,700 GBP
USA: 9,500 USD

float 18 Eurozone: 8.100 EUR
Switzerland: 9'400 CHF
UK: 8,400 GBP
USA: 10,200 USD

float 20 Eurozone: 8.800 EUR
Switzerland: 10'000 CHF
UK: 9,200 GBP
USA: 11,100 USD


You can pay by PayPal or bank transfer (5% rebate).
Please note: a 20% deposit is due with your order, the remainder is due 1 week before shipment.


You can choose from many hardwoods: ash, beech, cherry, elm, maple, oak, walnut ... please mention your favorite in your inquiry. If you prefer another timber than the mentioned ones please ask for it.



After a float bed is well-assembled it is a life time (and longer) piece of furniture. Each float bed is equipped with a warranty of 5 years.

Please note:

Float beds are delivered as a transportcase including a detailed assembly instruction together with all necessary tools. The firsttime assembly for a skillful person takes approximately 90 minutes. Float is assembled upside down. For turning around the assembled bed the help of a second person is needed.

Questions? If you have any further questions or want to have a quote for your float bed please send an e-mail.