Terms for the base4 chairs



The base4 chairs are handmade by Max Longin in full sets of all 16 feasible models. Production time for such a set is 4-5 months. Power supply for energy-consuming production processes (welding, grinding etc) is at most part supplied by an in-house wind turbine.

Delivery time

Delivery time for the base4 chairs depends on the status of the current production resp. on the availability of models from the last production and thereby strongly varies from 2 weeks up to 6 months.
Due to the limited production capacities the delivery time is always subject to confirmation. The estimated time of delivery of your base4 chair(s) will be mentioned in your quote.


Freight prices will be included in your quote. Please mention in your inquiry the country and postal code you want your item(s) to be delivered to.


If you are interested in ordering - please send an e-mail. You will receive a formal quote with an estimated time of delivery as soon as possible.

To provide you with a quote the following information is required: base4 chair


There are 16 different frameworks of base4 chairs available. A gallery of the models with upholstered merino felt can be found here, a survey of the models with epoxy granite is found here. If you have preferences please mention this in your inquiry.


in the list below are at-door prices including all fees and taxes*. Due to changing exchange rates and transportation costs they are subject to confirmation. The mentioned prices refer to payment by PayPal. If you pay by money transfer you are discounted by 5%.

Eurozone Switzerland UK USA
base4 chair
(epoxy granite)
4.200 EUR 5'360 CHF 4,400 GBP 5,400 USD
base4 chair
(merino felt)
4.800 EUR 5'920 CHF 5,000 GBP 6,040 USD

*Prices for other countries on demand

base4-chair (epoxy granite)
Eurozone: 4.200 EUR
Switzerland: 5'360 CHF
UK: 4,400 GBP
USA: 5,400 USD

base4-chair chair (merino felt)
Eurozone: 4.800 EUR
Switzerland: 5'920 CHF
UK: 5,000 GBP
USA: 6,040 USD

Payment and Quantity Discounts

You can pay by PayPal or bank transfer (5% rebate). If you order 2-3 chairs you get a 5% rebate, 4-7 chairs 10%, 8 or more chairs 15%.
Please note: a 20% deposit is due with your order, the remainder is due 1 week before shipment.

Serial Number

The base4 chairs have an embossed production serial number showing the serial number of the set and the model on hand.
As at Jan. 2022 there are the first ever made models with epoxy granite (set 01) and the first ever made models with merino felt (set 02) are available.


base4 chairs are life time (and longer) pieces of furniture. Each base4 chair is equipped with a warranty of 5 years.

base4 chair

Questions? If you have any further questions or want to have a quote for your base4 chair(s) please send an e-mail.